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Germany_flagsGermany Members (Instructors & Asst. Instructors):

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Members (Instructors & Asst. Instructors):


Chief Instructor of Germany


Master: Shihan-KYOSHI (Karate-Do 7th Dan & Kobu-Do 5thDan)                  

Master: Shihan-Renshi (Karate-Do 5th Dan & Kobu-Do 3rd Dan)

Master: Shihan-Renshi (Karate-Do 5th Dan & Kobu-Do 3rd Dan) 


Master: Shihan (Karate-Do 5th Dan & Kobu-Do 3rd Dan)

Master: Shihan (Karate-Do 5th Dan & Kobu-Do 2nd Dan)

WAHL Michael
Master: Shihan (Karate-Do 5th Dan & Kobu-Do 2nd Dan)

KUBIK Andreas: Sensei (Karate-Do 4th Dan & Kobu-Do 2nd Dan)
LORENZ Simone: Sensei (Karate-Do 4th Dan & Kobu-Do 2nd Dan)
KAUFMANN Margit: Sensei (Karate-Do 4th Dan & Kobu-Do 2nd Dan)
BRINKMANN Silvia: Sensei (Karate-Do 4th Dan & Kobu-Do 1st Dan)
GENTNER Timo: Sensei (Karate-Do 4th Dan & Kobu-Do 1st Dan)

BUTSCHER Klaus (Karate-Do 3rd Dan & Kobu-Do 1st Dan)
ENGE Johannes (Karate-Do 3rd Dan & Kobu-Do 2nd Dan)
ESSLINGER Gerd (Karate-Do 3rd Dan & Kobu-Do 2nd Dan )
FISCHER Tobias (Karate-Do 3rd Dan & Kobu-Do 2nd Dan)
GESUGRANDE Giuseppe (Karate-Do 3rd Dan & Kobu-Do 1st Dan)
KAUFMANN Sonja (Karate-Do 3rd Dan & Ko 2nd Dan)
MANZ Christian (Karate-Do 3rd Dan & Kobu-Do 2nd Dan)
MINGOLLA Vito (Karate-Do 3rd Dan & Kobu-Do 1st Dan)
PERRICONE Vincenzo ‘(Karate-Do 3rd Dan & Kobu-Do 1st Dan)
RENDINA Antonio(Karate-Do 3rd Dan & Kobu-Do 1st Dan)
SCHLEICHER Raimund (Karate-Do 3rd Dan & Kobu-Do 2nd Dan)
SCHLÜTER Mario (Karate-Do 3rd Dan & Kobu-Do 1st Dan)
STÄNGLE Hans Friedrich (Karate-Do 3rd Dan & Kobu-Do 1st Dan)
WOLF Jurgen (Karate-Do 3rd Dan & Kobu-Do 1st Dan)

(Asst. Instructors)
BOLLINGER Holger (Karate-Do 2nd  Dan)
EGNER Gerd (Karate-Do 1st  Dan)
ENGE (SCHRADI) Eva (Karate-Do 2nd Dan)
KELLER Pascal (Karate-Do 1st Dan & Kobu-Do 1stDan)
LAUTERWASSER Gitta (Karate-Do 2nd Dan & Kobu-Do 1stDan)
METZLER Raimund (Karate-Do 2nd Dan)
RIEDEL Mike (Karate-Do 1stDan)
RUCHTI Evelyn (Karate-Do 2nd Dan & Kobu-Do 2nd Dan)
TAMPE Claudia (Karate-Do 2nd Dan & Kobu-Do 1stDan)
WELS Marie-Louise (Karate-Do 1stDan)
WÜSTNER Peter (Karate-Do 2nd Dan & Kobu-Do 1stDan )
WURZBACH Iris (Karate-Do 2nd Dan & Kobu-Do 1stDan)

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